Tuesday, November 24, 2009

History Of Comics On Film Part 18 (Batman TV Series 1966-1968)


  1. This probably isn't relevant since the TV series came first, but there was also an excellent (at least I think so) Green Hornet series by NOW comics starring Paul Reid, the nephew of Britt Reid and deals heavily with the extended Reid and Kato families.

  2. I enjoyed reading some of those Now Comic, though I haven't read them all. The Kato mini-series was a favorite of mine.

    Since Green Hornet started out as a Radio show and then a serial first and then comics followed
    it tends not to fit my personal criteria for this project.

    Perhaps a new project or bonus videos could be worked on in the future.

    But manga, comics strips, foreign comics and superheroes originating from sources other than comics I will probably leave out w/ possibly a few minor exceptions.

    Thanks very much for watching. I appreciate your support.