Sunday, July 11, 2010


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So I went to see Predators today and figured I'd give you my two cents about it.

I liked more parts of this movie then I disliked, so I'm gonna say I liked the movie.

I certainly wasn't bored by the movie and didn't find it slow at all.

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I do think those who questioned Adrien Brody's casting in a Predator movie had the right call though. They tried every trick in the Hollywood book, including his pussy-ass Christian Bale wannabe gruff sounding voice (which incidentally reverts back to De facto Jerry Lewis when asking the real Predator for a ride home "can uuuuuuuu get meeee a riiiiide laaaaaaady?"), to make me think he was some sort of commando mercenary bad-ass. My suspension of disbelief only goes so far people.

I thought it was a good sequel that honored the original Predator movies by use of music cues that either copied or paid homage to the original score. I thought the premise of the worst of the baddest bad-asses on a game preserve was good and held my interest. There may have been some obvious or not so obvious twists and turns, but at least for a mindless sci-fi/action/slasher flick they weren't too bad.

Also while I don't recall the Yakuza guy saying his name, according to the credits his name was Hanzo (so maybe the blade he found was supposed to be a nod to Hattori Hanzo, which is pretty cool).

I did think the ending was a bit weak, like they wanted to go out on a happy note, but couldn't come up with any way for the survivors to leave the game planet, so they just had Brody saying, "let's get the fuck off this planet." My belief that they could find a way off planet at that point had about as much conviction as my belief that Brody was a Black Ops bad ass.

I also think were I a little younger or grumpier, I might find the Predator Seniors a little Spinosaurus-ish, that is to say, I have a stubborn way of thinking sometimes, and you'll never convince me that there is someone more Super than Superman or that the T-Rex isn't the King of the Dinosaurs.

But I have to say it didn't bother as much as the Spinosaurus taking down the T-Rex did in Jurassic Park 3 or say Doomsday smacking around Darkseid in Hunter Prey.
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I just kind of figured the Pred Seniors were the "Big Bad" gone the extra mile, like what the Queen was to the Drones in Aliens.

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