Friday, February 24, 2012

History Of Comics On Film Part 53(Archie Situation Comedy Musical Variety Show)


  1. Thanks for this. I've long remembered this special fondly and the previous one. I wish I could find a copy..

  2. I kinda wish you actually uploaded the whole variety show instead. Hearing you narrate through it kind of felt like a dumbed-down way of describing whats going on..
    I think the best way you could've done this was a brief historic introduction at the beginning then let the entire show run itself.. :/

  3. I remember vividly a specific scene with this cast, but evidently it wasn't from the SitComMusVarShow, so I guess it must have been from the previous pilot. Anyone else remember this?

    (Archie accosts Reggie in a school corridor.)
    Archie: Reggie! I just found out what Moose's real name is. It's Marmaduke!
    (Reggie laughs hysterically. Jughead approaches.)
    Jughead: I don't see why you should find that so funny, Reginald.
    (Archie starts laughing at Reggie's name.)
    Jughead: Or you, ArchiBALD.
    (Reggie starts laughing at Archie's name. Jughead walks on ahead of them.)
    Archie: Hey, what's his real name? Nobody's named Jughead.
    Reggie: Let's go see the registrar! She'll have his real name.
    (Dissolve to the registrar's office, where the registrar is checking her records.)
    Registrar: Your friend's name is ... Steve.
    Archie: Steve? There's nothing funny about Steve.
    Reggie: Come on, let's get to class.
    (After they leave, Jughead pokes his head up from behind the registrar's desk.)
    Jughead: Thanks, Aunt Mildred.
    Registrar: You're welcome, ... Forsythe.