Saturday, January 30, 2010

History Of Comics On Film Part 24 (The Flash)


  1. Great stuff. I've watched all 24 in under one day. I can't wait for more. My yutube accounts are moviereviews4life and moviesoundtracks1. Keep up the good work. I'm on a mission to collect EVERY comic book based film ever made(even if I don't like it), so you are helping out a lot. Oh the Justice League of America Pilot in 1997 was released, just not in the US, it had I believe a few airings, but I know it was at least one airing, but it might have had more.

  2. Thanks for watching, I appreciate your support.

    Collecting comic based films and animation is something I enjoy as well.

  3. It's much harder than it seems, especially when trying to get shows and films that are out of print in both VHS and DVD. The Spider-Man series from the 70's I haven't gotten yet and the TV movies(Nick Fury, Captain America 1 & 2, etc) that came out in the early 90's are scarce as well.

  4. Oh and I was wondering, I know its a long ways away, but since the two part Justice Society episode of Smallville was released as a film called "Absolute Justice" will you be covering that separately from the series itself. Its definitely a historical episode, its not only the first live action version of JSA, but first time they were ever out of the comics.

  5. Eric, just in case you were unaware, I posted a link for the Nick Fury DVD that was release around the time the first Iron Man film came out on DVD.

    As to Absolute Justice, it just depends on when the Justice Society might come up. I could see them coming up during the 2 part Justice League episode with the Green Guardsman or their Brave and The Bold episode
    as well.

    I guess I could cover it as a tv movie, sort of like how I did with Superman and The Mole Men also.

    I guess I'll see when we get there. But I'm thinking I still need to finish off the 60's much less jump into the new Millennium.

    Take Care and thanks for your support.