Saturday, January 9, 2010

History of Comics On Film Part 21 (The New Adventures Of Superman)


  1. Mr. Myxlplyk was also on an episode of Smallville as foreign exchange student played by Trent Ford, who could manipulate games. He was sent over by Lex Luthor, after he had lost against Chloe and Clrk Lex took him to 33.1 (later move up to Project Ares) and than the last known thing about him was he ended up lost in a wreckage during The Chloe Chronicles II Webisodes.Dudley Moore was supposed to play the character in Superman III based off the script by Illya Salkind. Also Gilbert Gottfried (who played the voice of Mxy in S: TAS)played The Toyman on Superboy, Bruce Timm voiced the Toyman like villain on the Gray Ghost episode of B: TAS, Bud Cort voiced the character in S: TAS as well as his return on Static Shock & JLU. Corey Burton voiced him in JL and John DiMaggio voiced him in Superman: Doomsday

  2. FYI Gilbert Gottfried was actually called Knick-Knack on Superboy. Very Toyman-esque though.