Saturday, October 16, 2010

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

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So I picked up the Blu-Ray and watched this sometime last week.

I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I figured it's close to Halloween and fits my whole comic movie motif, so what the hell.

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Turned out to be alright. Vampires felt a little more Blade-y to me in this movie than the first.

Also had that weird vibe (like the first film) where it stuck to the comics fairly well in some parts, and then not in other parts, making certain sections make little to no sense (to me anyways).

This is a direct sequel, which was interesting, but it also happened to be recast, which was also funny when they didn't wanna show you a non-Josh Hartnett face too much. Heh.

The climax felt like it owed a whole lot to the first and second Alien movies along with that Blade influence I mentioned earlier.

If someone was a fanboy of the character Dane, he gets pretty nerfed in the movie version, and without him explaining the legend to Stella, the ending seemed tacked on and random to me, but it was straight out of the comic (minus the reasonable explanation, I don't know, I realize they explain it visually, showing not telling the legend in the visual medium of film, but I had a tough time rationalizing Stella being a hardened anti-vamp expert and then the backtracking at the end without the carrot of the non-nerfed Dane along with his exposition of legends of old, but then I had that problem with elements of the last movie as well. I watched the first movie before I read the comic and later once I read the comic, I went "ooooh, that's why those two assholes were in-fighting, what a stupid thing to cut out of the movie!" Kinda feel the same here.

If you are a fan of Harold Perrineau like myself, he is also in this movie as well.

You might be thinking that since it is DTV that it would be pretty terrible, like say Man-Thing, but I'd say it was better than a crappy SyFy movie of the week. Acting was definitely better and even production value I would say.

Only thing was this was shot all in Los Angeles, with brief flashbacks to Alaska (which were mostly greenscreen anyway).

Anyway just thought I'd share my thoughts and maybe revisit this thread like years down the road if I get around to doing a video review of this movie.

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