Saturday, October 16, 2010


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Saw the film Red today. Was kinda like going to a restaurant and thinking you're getting a roasted chicken, but they bring you out a plate of Chicken McNuggets. Or like walking into a movie called Invincible and getting something like Hancock.

After the first hour or so, I kinda got over the fact that the comic was gutted and turned into this Gross Point Blank meets The Bucket List with a dash of Shoot 'Em Up on the side.

The comic took itself pretty damn seriously and wasn't much like the PG-13 Hollywood Formula of meeting your main character, liking him and setting up a romance/comedy all in the first 4 minutes of the film.

But like I said after the first hour or so, I started laughing even though most everything that happens with the characters and the new Doctor McCoy was fairly predictable.

If you like more no nonsense stuff like Leon or the Bourne Trilogy I'd say just read the comics and forget about the movie. If you dig that Gross Point Blank wit and sardonic humor, then go see the film version.

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